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Project Management

A&J real estate and project managements practice serves investors and business owner and can help you turn critical and complex real estate and construction projects issues into opportunities for growth. From business owners and investors to lenders and corporate groups, we offer you the experience, know-how, and the strategic planning that helps lead to better decisions. Our range of services includes: Due diligence, market studies, project managements services, and more. Virtually everything you need to enhance the value of your business; you’ll find at A&J CPA.

  • Monitoring the project’s progress to ensure that it is progressing according to schedule and budget, while identifying possible problems that may occur in the future
  • Providing regular updates on the status of projects to key stakeholders, including executives and project team members
  • Communicating with suppliers or other vendors to ensure that they are meeting their contractual obligations
  • Preparing reports on project status and finances for management review
  • Developing and monitoring budgets for projects based on estimates provided by project managers
  • Monitoring contract compliance and communicating with contractors regarding changes that need to be made to comply with contractual obligations
  • Managing all aspects of project accounting, including billing clients for services provided and collecting payments from them
  • Preparing reports for management about the status of projects

At A&J, we have the skills and experience to help you take your business to the next level and achieve sustainable results.

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